Expert help with Personal Injury Claims

Have you been injured, for example because you were hit by a car or because you had an industrial accident? Let Nostimos help you - free of charge - in dealing with the personal injury.

Nostimos is one of the largest advocacy organizations in the Netherlands and specializes in handling personal injury claims. We have several branches in the country and are therefore always close to you. Personal contact is central to us. We will come to your home as soon as possible to discuss the consequences of the accident with you.

Nostimos knows how drastic one is traffic accident of industrial accident could be. That your head is not on submitting one claim for damages and red tape after the accident. That is precisely why we are happy to take over this task from you professionally and in a personal way.

Contact during corona crisis

Handling a personal injury claim requires good preparation and personal contact to discuss your situation. During the Corona era, this can be done by email, telephone or video calling. If circumstances permit, we can also make a personal agreement, taking into account the guidelines of the government in force at that time.

We are fully operational in these special times and try to be there for you as a client as best as the current situation allows us.

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Personal injury attorney or lawyer? We believe in the power of personal contact!